Problem 1

Retroactive Conversion to Subchapter V

Problem 2

Contract Rejection/Termination

Problem 3

Equitable Tolling of Deadline to Object to Dischargeability

Problem 4

ABCs vs. Bankruptcy

Problem 5


Problem 6

Is A Creditor’s Passive Retention of Collateral Post-Petition a Violation of the Automatic Stay?

Problem 7

 Impact of Factual Findings on Analyzing “Intent to Hinder, Delay, or Defraud” and “Knowingly and Fraudulently” Under § 727(a)(2)(B) & § 727(a)(4)(A)

Problem 8

Dischargeability Under 11 U.S.C. § 523(A)(2)(A)

Problem 9

In Pari Delicto

Problem 10

The State of Bar Orders in the Eleventh Circuit

Problem 11

Ethics – Litigation Funding

Problem 12

Authority to File